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Ecotourism visits the Bataan Rainforest

February 22, 2012
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The 218-hectare idle lot called Roosevelt Protected Landscape in Barangay Roosevelt will be developed into an Integrated Ecotourism Development project by a private investor.

Based on the Memorandum of Agreement entered into between the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 3 office through the Protected Area Management Board-Roosevelt Protected Landscape (PAMB-RPLS) and Green Asia Construction and Development Corp., the 218-hectare will be developed by a private investor in order to “provide the public better and ecologically aesthetic recreational, educational and tourism- related facilities.”

The pouring in of investment by a private company, headed by Renato P. Legaspi, Sr., Green Asia president and chief executive officer, will not only create jobs for people here and additional income to government coffers but also protect the area from informal settlers.

The DENR assured that the area will be protected by Green Asia, in compliance with Republic Act 7586 or National Integrated Protected Areas Act of 1992 enacted to establish the National Integrated Protected Areas System.”

Police and local authorities , armed with an order to demolish the more or less 400 shanties and temporary houses made of light materials, cracked down on illegal settlers who occupied protected and watershed areas in Roosevelt.

In the agreement, the PAMB-RPLS and Green Asia “mutually acknowledge the vital role of ecotourism development in nation-building and mutually recognize the authority of PAMB to decide/approve matters related to the Protected Area of Management of the Roosevelt Protected Landscape.”

Under DENR Administrative Order No. 2008-26, the PAMB shall approve policies, guidelines, plans and programs, proposals and agreements for the management and protected areas. The PAMB is headed by the incumbent Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer, Amado Villanueva, a veteran in the region.

The Green Asia shall secure the 218 hectares and be responsible for its protection to prevent encroachment of other individuals into the protected area in accordance with the required Comprehensive Development and Management Plan.