Traveling with a DUI conviction

Traveling with a DUI conviction

beers and handcuffsIf you have a criminal conviction of any kind, including a DUI conviction, international travel can be more difficult. This article is written by an Orange County DUI Attorney and is intended to provide some information regarding the effects of traveling to other countries with a DUI on your record.

Once you are convicted of a DUI, the world is divided into two different categories: The countries you can visit with a DUI, and the countries that you can’t visit with a DUI.

A DUI conviction can result in the total denial of the ability to immigrate to some countries (especially Canada). Business or personal trips to some foreign countries, including Canada, may be blocked or become extremely difficult to obtain after your DUI conviction. Pre-application through the Canadian Consulate, or the Canadian Embassy, is required, even for a short visit for pleasure or business.

If you are seeking to enter the United States, the exclusion of admission is a possibility if there are other charges or if your DUI case was a felony. If you seek to become a citizen, then denial of naturalization for 5 years after DUI case is over is a possible occurrence.

Our Orange County Immigration Attorney advises that possible deportation from U.S. to your country of origin, if not a U.S. citizen, does not normally result from a DUI conviction.  However, that could be possible if there are multiple criminal convictions while in the U.S.A. (especially drug crimes, weapons crimes, crimes of violence, or any crime that results in a sentence of a year or longer), or for a felony-level DUI case such as a “DUI with great bodily injury” or any “vehicular homicide”.

With a DUI or any other conviction, a permanent resident “Green” card renewal or work visa renewal can be denied or delayed.

Travel from U.S.A. and back to the U.S.A. can be delayed at customs, or even prohibited altogether. This inconvenience can last for hours or even days, causing you to miss connecting flights.

We have a guide to what the policies of various countries are as to entry with a DUI on your record.  Feel free to contact our team of Orange County DUI Lawyers also with any updates, comments, or questions about international travel.

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