Vacation in the Wild – Costa Rica, Germany, Norway, and Scotland

Costa Rica by air
Image by FrogMiller via Flickr

Costa Rica: While it’s a relatively small country, there are innumerable ways to get out into the wild during a vacation in Costa Rica.  You could get up in the wee hours of the morning to see the fascinating routine of a sea turtle coming in to lay her eggs on the beach and then be on a zip line through the rainforest by the afternoon. Costa Rica boasts 500,000 animal species and national parks occupy more than one-tenth of the country’s total area, and even more of the country’s land is protected from development.

Wild vacations… in Europe?

Many people visit Europe for the old world charm within its cities, but there are also abundant unique natural tours for visitors who are drawn to the wild.

Norway: Its stunning fjords offer contrast between water and highlands, and with such a varied terrain, Norway is home to many magnificent species of animals, including musk ox, reindeer, orcas and sperm and humpback whales.

Germany: The Black Forest of Germany marries history and the natural world, as 14,000 miles of trails connect small villages through the coniferous forest. Visitors will traverse scenic hills containing many picturesque waterfalls.

Scotland: The Scottish highlands offer lush and varied terrain, with some of the oldest rock formations on earth. Visitors can expect to see wild goats and red deer, but those hoping to see the mythical Loch Ness Monster will probably go home disappointed – although the gorgeous scenery around the deep mountain lake is a pretty good consolation

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