South Africa an eco-friendly travel destination

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Thinking about a trip to South Africa? One travel expert has commented that the country is one of the best for its drive towards eco-tourism, something that could please people intending to visit the region.

Jeremy Smith, author for Rough Guides, described the way South Africa has embraced eco-tourism as “amazing”.

“When they do it well, they do amazing engagement there, you really connect with South Africa and meet the communities,” he explained.

Mr Smith pointed out that exploring off the beaten track is the best way to truly discover the spirit of a country and have memorable experiences while travelling.

He added that eco-tourism does not need to be expensive, noting that opting for a home stay rather than a hotel is just one cheap way that holidaymakers can give something back to the community.

According to a report released by the Co-Operative Bank in December, spending on eco-travel has increased nine-fold since 1999, reaching £1.7 billion in 2008.

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2 Comments on “South Africa an eco-friendly travel destination”

  1. rstebbens Says:

    What?? South Africa Eco friendly? I don’t think so. I live in S.A Eco Friendly it is not. Recycling is seen as a novelty in this country. What was the scientific basis for him lableling the country as an Eco-tourism destination – a paid for jolly? I would love to read this article….

  2. […] } I read an article (yes, I can read) Here it is for those who can’t be bothered to read it, some guy Jeremy Smith is quoted as saying that […]

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