Ecotourism Resources

There is a rapidly growing trend in travel and tourism today toward responsible, ecologically aware traveling. This type of travel can be characterized as the exact opposite of a Club Med vacation. GORP offers up a good list of the principles of EcoTourism. It doesn’t mean you have to be a Greenpeace eco-warrior, but just have a love for the natural state of the planet. The WWW is a primary forum for the dissemination of eco-info about ecologically inspired eco-journeys. By the time you are done reading this, we guarantee you will be eco-overloaded.
It should be noted that many sites related to ecotourism have very similar names and are easily eco-confused. For example, recently there has been some turmoil regarding the very closely named Green Travel and the Green Travel Network. Green Travel is a long-running not-for-profit service that is an exceptionally comprehensive forum (listserv, archive and website) for “ecotourism practitioners and consumers,” whereas the Green Travel Network is an excellent, brand-new commercial ecotourism and adventure travel website. Though the two services couldn’t be more different, it is easy to confuse them because of the similar names.
Excellent Eco-Sites
Green Culture is a good commercial ecotourism site that has an extensive list of ecotourism links.
Planet’s Eco Travels in Latin America is a well-respected and very in-depth site about travel to Latin America. Many consider Planeta the foremost Net site for people interested in ecotourism.
Ecotourism Explorer is a non-profit site for the exploration of ecotourism for researchers, conservationists and businesspeople. The Eco-Travelers page contains excellent background info and helpful hints on how to choose a good tour operator.
The Ecotravel Center is a slick, not-for-profit site dedicated to promoting and educating people about ecotourism. Good links and an active bulletin board.
Ecotourism Research and Other Adventures is aimed primarily at ecological researchers and other eco-professionals.
The Eco-Source is updated regularly with the latest “information and services about today’s ecological issues.”
“Green” Travel Destinations
Alaska is a popular eco-destination (because hardly anyone lives there). Ecotourism in Alaska is a great resource for travelers to the last great wilderness in America.
Australia has a strong eco-travel following. The International Center for Ecotourism Research is located there.
The Specialty Travel Index has a great list of eco-links sorted by country and region.
By now, you probably don’t want to see “eco” precede any more words. But if it’s more eco-related (sorry) info you seek, each of the above sites has lists of links to fill any eco-gaps.

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