Kayaking in La Jolla

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The beach community of La Jolla Shores is located just north of downtown. This is a magnificent beach on the Pacific Ocean with rocky cliffs to the south and Scripps Institute of Oceanography to the north. There are sea caves in the cliffs that can be entered by kayak during light swell conditions. There is a large marine preserve directly offshore.
Kayak from La Jolla Shores and see migrating whales at eye level during Hike Bike Kayak’s three-hour tour. A guide, life jackets, paddles and a kayak are provided. No kayaking experience is necessary. Warm drinks and snacks are provided after the paddle. Participants MUST be in good health, be able to swim, and be over 10 years old. Hike Bike Kayak cannot guarantee sightings due to the nature of wildlife.
San Diego Tours also lets you kayak out from La Jolla Shores to watch whales as they migrate between Alaska and the birthing grounds in Baja, Mexico. The whales’ migration path is such that they come close to La Jolla Shores. Paddles, kayaks, life jackets and doggy life jackets are all provided. This is an active tour, though no experience is required.
Kayaking in the famous La Jolla Sea Caves is an exciting adventure. However, the combination of ocean swells and rocks with a kayak is potentially dangerous in certain conditions, so be on your guard. To visit the caves by kayak, just show up at Aqua Adventures Kayaking Center, located at 2164 Avenida de la Playa. After a brief discussion of the surf zone and ocean conditions, you can launch and paddle to the sea caves.
OEX Dive & Kayak Centers offer kayak rentals from three locations, with La Jolla being the premiere kayak spot in San Diego. Your rental will launch from and return to La Jolla Shores at OEX’s shop located at the end of Avenida de la Playa. They offer sit-on-top kayaks, the most stable of all kayaks. They have a large fleet of single and double kayaks ready and waiting to go at your leisure.
Another kayaking company is All San Diego Tours, which also offers sightseeing tours, bay cruises, and whale watching, trips to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Mexico and more. Allen’s Kayaks is another option open to anyone, whether you’re an expert paddler looking for specialist equipment or a complete beginner looking to try the sport. Some Hotels, such as the Catamaran Resort, offer kayaking as one of their water sport options.
For your safety, you should wear a wetsuit and life jacket and carry devices to signal for help. Taking a boating safety course is key to being safe, experts say, although you’re not required by law to take a course that teaches you how to kayak. Training courses can teach first-time kayakers how to maneuver the vessel in flat, calm waters such as lakes, and also in the ocean with its swells.

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