Environmentally Friendly Travel Locations

If you want to enjoy adventure travel to exciting destinations to areas that are environmentally friendly, you should consider some of the eco friendly destinations that can make your holiday exciting while going “green.”

There are many areas throughout the world that you can consider for eco tourism. Some of the best adventure destinations that you can enjoy during your eco travel include the following:


One of the most exciting destinations that you can imagine is deep in the Amazon. One of the best resorts in Ecuador that offers eco friendly travel is the Kapawi that boasts of bungalows located along the river. The Kapawi is right in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon and uses solar energy in addition to flush compost toilets. There is no plastic used at the Kapawi and there is even biodegradable soap for guests. The Kapawi was built in 1993 and is an environmentally friendly tour destination. In addition to being sustainable tourism, you can be assured of comfortable accommodations and delicious European cuisine with a separate bar when you relax at the Kapawi. If you are looking for eco friendly travel, you can find it in Ecuador.


Belize is a country located just off of the coast of Central America and is considered to be the first of the eco friendly destinations in the Caribbean. Unlike some of the other Caribbean destinations, Belize is not very commercialized and features the Placencia, an eco friendly resort. The resort uses every feasible means to save the environment from solar energy to a water filtration and conservation system. In addition to being popular for sustainable travel, the many outdoor activities that you can enjoy on this tropical island make it ideal for adventure travel.


In Mexico you can visit the Hotelito Desconocido Ecolodge that is ideal for eco tourism.  The entire resort is powered by the use of solar power. The hotel is very accommodating and even has a full service spa with handmade soaps that are all natural and also environmentally friendly. Mexico is one of the most exciting destinations for any tourist and if you are looking for eco travel, you can find it at the Hotelito Desconocido Ecolodge in Mexico.

Queensland, Australia

In the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa you can enjoy private bungalows in the coastal rainforest of Queensland. Australia has always been known for adventure tours and if you are looking for sustainable travel, you can find it at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, one of the best eco friendly destinations in Australia.

United StatesMontana

The Papoose Creek Lodge is only a few minutes away from Yellowstone National Park and features an organic holiday in the States. Eco tourism is at its best in Montana with private “green” cabins in a resort that is part of the Trees for Travel program. The cabins are built from recycled materials and is one of the best adventure destinations in the US that also features eco friendly travel amenities.

All over the world, resorts are going green and featuring more eco tourism in hotels and resorts than ever. If you are seeking adventure destinations as well as eco friendly travel, choose one of these popular environmentally friendly areas.

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