Eco travel in Norway

Oslofjord seen from Ekeberg, in Oslo.
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Southern Norway is the cradle of Norwegian summer. Local climate is mild and summer season is warm. Rocky coast is excellent for boating. Other good way to entertain yourself is to make a trip along the mainland or go in for paddling. Far from the coast you will find small villages with white wooden houses and small calm towns with their folk museums and wooden churches.

Telemark county is rich in craftsmen and is one of the most popular attractions of South Norway. This region is the centre for skiing. The name of the skiing style telemark derives from the regions name. One of the most popular local cities is Morgedal. The thing to see here is Norwegian Ski Adventure park.

Eastern Norway is the land where antiquity and contemporaneity go hand in hand. This is the land of forests which attracts those who are fond of eco tourism. And it is here that the capital of Norway Oslo, Vikings sea outpost is situated. Oslo is an old trade city where Norwegian Vikings used to live. Situated at the end of the Oslofjord, Oslo is often called the green capital of Europe. It is surrounded with green forests and local air is really pure. A trip to Oslo is an opportunity to combine various kinds of rest. In winter you can ski and skate (one of local attractions is a Holmenkollen ski jump), and summer is ideal for a boat trip, which starts at Aker Brugge quay. And if you want something different, hire a car and plan your own trip around Eastern Norway. Most famous museums of Norway are also found in Oslo: Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, exhibiting the ship Fram, Norsk Folkemuseum and the Vigeland Park.

Trondelag is the county in the centre of Norway, which has a close connection with the countrys history. In 1030 King Olaf II of Norway was killed in the Battle of Stiklestad. Trondelag is renowned for its rivers rich in salmon, woods and mountains.

West Norway is the region with unusual nature. This is the land of fjords and the sights of exceptional beauty. But a conversation about fjords deserves a separate article.

Northern Norway and Svalbard. The region might be characterized as the land of contrasts and harsh climate, filled with Arctic breath. It never gets dark in summer, thanks to which you can stay awake all day long. But, after the arctic day is over there comes arctic night. But one advantage is that at winter you can enjoy wonderful multicoloured northern lights. And from the end of November till the end of January, when there is no sun at all, you can see a unique phenomenon blue daylight. Mountains, sea, wide plains, fjords, astonishing northern culture are waiting for you in the Northern Norway. It boasts of its chaste nature, with 60 thousands lake found on its Finnmarksvidda plateau only! The place is popular with mountain climbers, trekkers and skiers. North Norway gives you a unique chance to get familiar with the nature world, watch birds and whales. Divers who arent afraid of harsh climate come here to deep into pure waters by the islands and rocks.

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