Scientific American Cruise “Evolution Emanation”, February/March 2008

After I posted about the Scientific American cruise to the Western Caribbean, someone told me about the Scientific American Panama Canal/Southern Caribbean cruise from February 27, to March 9, 2009.  (If this whole magazine thing doesn’t work out, SciAm can always work in the travel industry).

The theme is “Evolution Emanation”, and it looks to have another good lineup of speakers, including lectures in 20 subjects, including the following:

small bullet The History of Life on Earth

small bullet The Evolution of the Genetic Code

small bullet The Emergence of an Amino Acid “Alphabet”

small bullet The Origin of Life — Here on Earth … and Elsewhere?

small bullet On the Origin of Species, Really

small bullet Evolution and Natural Selection — Are the Winners Always the Fittest?

small bullet Genetics, Genomics, and You: Don’t Fear Your Genotype!

small bullet 1859: The Impact of a Dangerous Idea

small bullet How Do We Know It’s True? The Evidence for Evolution

small bullet Unconscious Design: Natural Selection

small bullet Mimicry: The Evolution of Duplicity

small bullet Sex and Selection

small bullet Evolution Today: What About Us? What Remains to be Done?

small bullet Evolution of Individuality and Complexity Through Cooperation and Conflict

small bullet Teaching the Evolution of Complexity: Intelligent Design or Darwinian Evolution?

small bullet Evolution of Sex and the Immortality of Life


small bullet The Mathematics of Mind: Exploring the Formal Foundations of Human Thought

small bullet How Machine Learning Affects Your Life, and Could Explain How People Think

small bullet Out of the Armchair and Into the Lab: How Cognitive Psychology Can Help Us Answer Philosophical Questions

small bullet From Magic to Muons: Why People Believe in Strange Things

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