Costa Rica Rainforest Canopy Zip Lines

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One of the most fun things I did during my trip to Costa Rica was using a zip line (a cable with a wheeled hand grip), to see the rainforest from up high.

Since something like 90% of the life in the rainforest is in the forest canopy, this is a great way to see exotic birds, capuccin and other monkeys, and enjoy the thrill rush of being up high without a net (in some cases).  As I’ve mentioned, I don’t get compensation from any travel or tour companies (or anyone) on this blog, but I understand that The Original Canopy Tour has 2 and a half hour tours in Monteverde on NASA quality cables. They also have a tour at Iguana Park, near the capitol of San Jose, and at Selvatura Park, which has a tamer version of canopy tours in Costa Rica with 8 different bridges of varying sizes.

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