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— from Gilad Michael
I received a press release from The Travel Lab, indicating that they have a new Antarctic adventure – an expedition to the remote mountains of Antarctica.  As described in the press release:

Travelers on this Antarctic adventure will explore Antarctica by foot and
by plane as they follow in the footsteps of the great explorers Scott and
Amundsen. They will soar over the largely unexplored Orvin mountain ranges in
a turbo prop DC3 airplane, abseil into open crevasses, explore ice caves and
get close to Adelie Penguins.

The highlight of the luxury Antarctic adventure is Intrepid’s expedition
into the Orvin Range. Adventurers are given the chance to experience what a
journey to the Antarctic once meant. They will have the opportunity to ski in
virgin snow, try some technical ice and rock climbing, and will learn the
basics of crevasse rescue.

The Remote Mountain Expedition adventure lasts for 11 days and costs $44,350. To learn
more about exciting Antarctic adventure travel visit:

Wow, that’s pricey, although this is a unique opportunity.  I always regret not signing up for ice climbing, in addition to rock climbing, when I made my trip to Alaska a few years ago.
Have you travelled to Antarctica?  Let me know in the comments.
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