All about Eco, Adventure, Educational Travel and Tourism (and about this blog).

I realized something recently – some of the best times in my life have been during “adventure travel” or during “educational tourism” events.  A few of those include:

1.  Spending the night in the dense rainforest in Costa Rica during a severe thunderstorm;

2.  Landing via helicopter on a glacier in Alaska;

3.  Cycling 100 miles along the Pacific ocean;

4.  Horseback riding near an active volcano in Central America;

5.  Visiting the ancient Persian city of Esfahan;

6.  Exploring the temples and ruins of Tikal in Guatemala;

7.  Seeing a live archeological dig in Santorini (Fira) Greece;

8.  Scuba diving with sharks and barracudas in Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean;

9.  Going deep underground to see the catacomb graves in central Italy

are just a few of the moments I’ll treasure forever.

So, then the purpose of this blog is to share adventures, educational events, and put the word out for life experiences I think are of interest to people who think like me.  I have nothing to sell here and no connection whatsoever to any travel or tourism company, and I’m not in the industry (I’m a lawyer with a small law firm in Orange County, California), but this is one of the loves of my life.

Feel free to comment or email me, and let’s share the grand adventures of life together!

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